HIGH MOON - 2017

Shooting « High Moon » Sweat Like An Ape ! single from « Dance to the Ring in our Ears » on Platinum records.




Biz TypoesieBiz Typoesie
Paris 13 Novembre 2015Paris 13 Novembre 2015
Ape – Sweat Like An ApeApe – Sweat Like An Ape
Funky Explorations - Volume 1
High Moon - Sweat Like An Ape!High Moon - Sweat Like An Ape!
Marie-Fabiola – Pin Up
Black Wolf Bar-ber ShopBlack Wolf Bar-ber Shop
Etiquette Vin Blanc
Marie-Fabiola – Sirène
Charlie HebdoCharlie Hebdo
Exposition Galerie Monika – BordeauxExposition Galerie Monika – Bordeaux
Etre Là
Agora 2014Agora 2014
Reflet Chaumont 2013
Jo LiqueurJo Liqueur
Pluie TypoPluie Typo
Brand New Shoes – Sweat Like An ApeBrand New Shoes – Sweat Like An Ape
WWF – Creative Awards 2016WWF – Creative Awards 2016
Poster 2017
The Wine On Your BreathThe Wine On Your Breath
Marie-Fabiola – 113 avenue
La Democratie Indigne
La Fabrock
Vieille Branche
Sweat Like An ApeSweat Like An Ape